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Are you searching for people who went to
Holiday Hill Camp in Craftsbury Common, VT?

One evening (7/2000), I was wearing
a white T-shirt and dark green shorts
as I mucked out our stalls.  I started singing

Ma and Pa said gotta send the kid away
Gotta find the best place for her, say
Holiday Hill way up in Vermont away
Gotta be the best in the USA!
So my friends that's why I'm here today
Glad my ma and pa sent me away
Holiday Hill way up in Vermont away
Gotta be the best in the USA!

This led me to create this page....

THEN....Wendy Gerber set up a Holiday Hill Camp Facebook Group!

1971 - my sister was in Red Roof
and I was in the Glen (Sugar Shack.)
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This was my sister Kathy's cabin - we are still looking for the name.

And this was the "Red Roof" gang in 1971

1973  - Mouse Trap (thanks, Carol!)
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I think 1974 was the last year that the camp was open.
We all stayed up at the main house!

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Recognize a famous stand up comedian and comic actress in the middle of the back row?
click here to see who it is

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Wendy Gerber is counselor on the right
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The following photos are from the brochure - thanks to Wendy Gray - Although, I just  found mine! 5/2004
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I loved walking down to the lake!

Comments from email

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(Not sure why there is a 3 year gap here...)

More to come.....

If you went to Holiday Hill,
send me an email

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